Lavender eye pillow

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The calming properties of lavender combined with comforting warmth and light pressure on the eyeballs offers a powerful elixir for stress relief. Believed to help slow the heart rate, lower the blood pressure and regulate digestion, these lavender-infused, corn-filled eye pillows can be placed over the eyes or on the forehead to help reduce anxiety, induce relaxation and aid sleep. 

Measuring 9cm x 23cm, the corn-bag is made of high quality close weave natural cotton and comes with a washable double-ended pillowcase in 100% soft luxury cotton to one side and 100% silk dupion to the other. Infused with a generous helping of British grown lavender, the pillow has a delicate relaxing aroma and can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer to calm or revive. 

Handmade to order, your eye pillow will be shipped individually wrapped in recyclable packaging.