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I love a good revival, don't you?! Once relegated to the uncool fashion archives of the 80's, the humble scrunchie has been reborn as the must-have hair (and wrist) accessory of the 20's. 

With the perfect amount of ruffle and available in fabrics to match and coordinate with your face mask, This Little Hobo scrunchies look equally great adorning a messy (or tidy) bun or twisted and wrapped 2-3 times (depending on hair thickness) to secure high or low pony tails or bunches. 

Choose your This Little Hobo Fabric Face Mask and check the button to add a matching scrunchie with one easy click, or take your pick from the options below and add to your shopping bag here. 

Scrunchies are handmade to order, please see the delivery policy for lead times.

  • Spec

    As with face masks, not all scrunchies are created equal and there's nothing more frustrating for us ladies with long locks than a pony that won't stay put because your scrunchie just doesn't 'cut the mustard'! 

    That's why This Little Hobo Scrunchies are made to the same exacting standard as This Little Hobo Fabric Face Masks. They've gone through the same rigorous design and prototyping process and have been tried and tested for comfort, fit, and wash 'n' wearability.  

    This Little Hobo's exclusive scrunchies are constructed with a made-for-purpose, perfectly-sized, strong, stretchy and durable hair band, so no knots or joins unlike with haberdashers' elastic (the go-to choice of many a crafter). The band comes with impressive claims and reviews so I trust it will maintain its strength and won't get baggy or snap with wear. 

    This Little Hobo Scrunchies are machine washable. They will be delivered in 100% recyclable packaging.