Reversible clutter bins

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Clutter... the bane of my life! But we all have to live with at least a little stash of homeless trinkets and life-essentials right? From keys and phone chargers to hair accessories and make-up; from stationery and craft supplies to gloves and sunglasses - whatever you need a home for, these stylish versatile storage caddies are a great solution! 

A double layer of heavy-duty denim gives these clutter bins their structure and form and they're packed with functional features. Not only are they reversible (black to one side and grey to the other) but they're adjustable in height and can either sit on a surface like a basket or hang on a hook like a bag*. And, when the 'collar' is fully unfolded, you can pull the elastic tight with its bead to close your clutter bin and protect its contents.

Currently available in three sizes (maybe more to come), dimensions as follows (diameter x height):

  • Small: D 9cm x H 8cm to 15cm - £9
  • Medium: D 15cm x H 11cm to 21cm - £13
  • Large: D 20cm x H 13cm to 25cm - £15

Take your pick, or bag the full set and clear up that clutter! 

*Hanging when filled with heavy items is not recommended.