Scented toony tulip

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What better way to make someone smile than with flowers that never die? Spring is here to stay with This Little Hobo's cartoon-style tulips... or 'toolips' as I like to call them!

Carefully hand-crafted in fine pastel cottons, these cute toony tulips are pretty and fun and never grow old. They're subtly scented with fragranced wax and essential oils and each toony tulip is beautifully unique. 

The yellow toolip flower is made in fabric hand-dyed in turmeric root which will fade over time with exposure to sunlight... 

Fun fact: apparently the robes worn by Buddhist monks are all different shades of yellow because they're turmeric-dyed and, because they fade, they are re-dyed annually!

Loosely modelled on the true spring bloomers the toolip's cotton-covered split-cane stem measures approximately 26cm* and the caricature bloom is about 6cm tall and wide. The characteristic symmetrical cup-shaped flower features three outer petals and its inner petals are represented by a softly stuffed and scented 'bud'. The large cotton leaf wraps around the stem and can be moved up or down to suit your display.

If you're sending a This Little Hobo single toony tulip, or bunch of three, to a loved one and would like to include a complimentary hand-written note, please add your gift message above.

*Shorter stems available on request and stem lengths will vary for bunches of 3 to suit arrangement.