Size guide

Size guide

In my humble opinion, for the best possible comfort and protection one can get from a fabric face mask, one size does not fit all! 

So, after a lot of research and prototyping, the This Little Hobo Fabric Face Mask is available in four sizes: 

  • EXTRA SMALL (XS) - approx. w17cm x h6cm (extends to 13cm) for tweens and teens.
  • SMALL (S) - approx. w19cm x h6.5cm (extends to 16cm) suits most women.
  • MEDIUM (M) - approx. w22cm x h7cm (extends to 20cm) fits most men and women with larger faces.
  • LARGE (L) - approx. w23cm x h8cm (extends to 22cm) designed for big guys or guys with big beards!

Tip: remember body size doesn't dictate face size... if you're a larger gent, clean-shaven with a small nose, I'd say go for a medium.

If in doubt, it may help to measure from roughly half-way down your nose to just under the tip of your chin bone with your mouth wide open and select the size which has the closest 'extends to' measurement! Yes, I know, it's a weird thing to do but ain't life kinda weird right now anyway? Might as well go with the flow!